Carpet Care & Maintenance

Keep your floors looking beautifully for many years with our care guide. 


Routine Carpet Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance will ensure that your carpet floors look great and function well over time. Vacuuming will ensure that your floors look great and perform well by removing dirt and debris that can harm your fibers. When spills happen, more on that later, it is important to act quickly to prevent stains or damage. Carpet floors are vulnerable to spills and stains, but by exercising precaution and remaining vigilant with a spill happens, a spill doesn't need to spell the end of your carpet flooring. 

Caring for Your Carpet

Proper maintenance and cleaning can help extend your carpet's lifespan and keep it looking great. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Vacuum your carpet floors regularly to remove debris and ensure beauty and high performance. 
  • Blot any liquid spills with a clean cloth. Then apply your manufacturer-approved cleaning solution. Always test solutions before using them on your carpet floors.
  • Place entry mats at your doors and encourage guests to remove their shoes before walking on your floors. Limiting the amount of dirt that enters your home is essential in prolonging the lifespan of your carpet.
  • Rotate your furniture regularly to prevent heavy wear and tear on specific areas of the carpet.
  • Use furniture pads under to avoid indentations to your carpet.
  • Address spills immediately after they occur.