Flooring Design Trends To Watch in 2024

Flooring Design Trends To Watch in 2024

New year, new you! As we reevaluate goals, hopes and dreams for 2024, it’s not all about workouts and diets; switching up your home decor isn’t off the table! Have you considered new floors? Keep reading to find out what’s trending in the world of flooring for next year.

Natural Wood and Stone

Hardwood flooring is nothing new. It’s been popular for a long (long) time and if hardwood is in the budget, it’s a great way to anchor your decor. Why is it trending? There’s something fresh about next year’s hardwood floors. Look for hardwoods in lighter, more natural tones, almost an unfinished wood look, that instantly brightens living space. An additional natural option, stone flooring, such as marble or slate, remains popular for 2024. Even modest stone products have a way of bringing an undertone of timelessness to home decor, while allowing other design elements to shine. Are hardwood and natural stone too much for your budget? Choose a manmade option instead. Consider engineered hardwood, laminate, porcelain, vinyl plank or tile, in a wood or stone look, to get the same effect for a smaller price tag.

Wide Planks and Large Format Tile

Bigger is better, right? Flooring is running large right now, and this will continue into 2024. Look for wide planks of wood, or wood-like products, perhaps as wide as 10.” Large format tile, defined as any tile with one side that is 15” minimum, gained popularity over the past year and will continue to be a trendy choice for homeowners. Wide planks and large tiles have a similar effect; they make spaces seem larger. Larger pieces of flooring mean fewer lines, which tricks the eye into perceiving the area as expansive, great news for anyone that wants to maximize the look of their space.


A seeming contradiction to the bigger-is-better trend, mosaics are a retro treatment for floors, made up of small tiles that work together as a whole. Available as 12” mesh sheets with small tiles already attached, mosaics are popular with DIYers. They are relatively easy to install and don’t require many fancy tools. An added plus, mosaic flooring can also be completely customized for a unique look. If classic styling is your goal, don’t overlook mosaics as a flooring option for next year.

Flooring Design Trends To Watch in 2024


Whether you go with carpet, wood, or tile, patterns are all the rage for 2024. While the color palette remains neutral and natural, flooring will increasingly be found installed in many different directions and patterns, such as chevron, herringbone or checkerboard. In addition, tiles printed with patterns continue to be a popular choice. Look for patterns especially in smaller areas like powder rooms or foyers and entryways, where they create a statement without being overwhelming.

Whatever your flooring goals are for 2024, the helpful folks at Fantastic Floors are ready to help you review options and direct your choices to ensure your new floors will be on point. They can set you up with professionals who will have your new floors installed efficiently so you can start 2024 in style!